A Human-Centric
approach to

We are passionate about creating technology that can help people and the planet.


Cross collaboration and a shared passion for our common goal is what drives and inspires us.

We’re a diverse group of people from data scientists and engineers to designers and marketers channelling a combination of skills that bring people and technology closer to one another.

It is this shared passion for our common goal that has helped us stay the course and keep pushing to bring about real change, both in terms of economic impact as well as carbon reduction.

Our results speak for themselves and are proof of our continued faith in our strongest asset, our people.

The team
$1 Billion

Total Economic Impact
2018 - 22

1m metric tonnes

Greenhouse Gas

Life at Eugenie


At Eugenie, we are transforming the way industries perceive technology. That means being innovative and agile in our approach. For us, technology exists to empower not just humans but also nature. The enormous scope of this work means solving complex problems and frequent challenges. That’s what we thrive on and are best at. We need proactive people who can balance values and ambitions with fearless beliefs. We are Eugenie. Are you?



Great minds often don’t think alike. We identify the uniqueness of each individual and allow people to flourish. Give your best here and get amazing flexibility, benefits, and support.


A champion mindset

Our perseverance drives us to achieve our unique mission. We define a champion mindset, not by mere successes but by the learnings we get from difficult situations. We strive, hustle, and move ahead for a greener future. Because, that’s what matters.


Craft with care

We work at Eugenie because our products deeply make a difference. A strong desire to make this planet a better place for existing and upcoming generations helps us build world-class products. Our concern for the planet drives us to excel in our work.




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