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Eugenie reduced production downtimes for a Mexican mining major with AI-driven root cause analysis


The company is a leading producer of precious metals such as silver and gold with three gold and silver mines across Mexico. With the massive operations of production of millions of ounces of silver and gold, along with by-products like zinc and lead, the company wanted to increase the operational reliability of the critical mining assets. Also, the company wanted to reduce carbon emissions through operational optimization.

Eugenie’s digital ecosystem offered digital twins of the critical assets that presented a holistic view of operational monitoring. Data-based predictive and preventive insights of Eugenie enabled a complete elimination of manual data processing. Eugenie’s operational intelligence led to greatly reducing costs associated with the processing time and operational losses.

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  • Why the mining major partner with Eugenie to get a cutting-edge digital ecosystem for predictive maintenance
  • How Eugenie’s solutions enabled the company to get an immediate return on investment
  • How Eugenie helped the company in reducing its carbon footprint massively
  • The enormous benefits received by the company as a result of Eugenie’s best-in-class products

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