Conversational Commerce: Talk your way to Growth

Conversations with human like chatbots

Usage of conversational methods to increase sales have been prevailing for years; you go to a store and a retail person asks your preferences. As per what you communicate, you are presented with multiple choices. The conversation is and will be an important element of any trade. Now, there is a twist in the tale with the advent of artificial intelligence based technologies. We can now have an online conversation with a ‘chatbot’. A chatbot can perform automated online conversations similar to a conversation taking place between two humans.

The primary reason for the success of the chatbots or voice bots is the personalized element it provides. Chatbots are an automated system but their execution is human like. They are mostly named like humans, for example, Siri, Alexa, Eva, etc. Conversational aspect contributes to each and every stage of customer experience, right from the choice of product to the product feature based queries. Saving time and cost of product support is a major advantage of conversational commerce. Instead of calls/emails to support teams, users can get their questions answered instantaneously.

Empowered by automation, conversational commerce enables businesses to engage with customers in a more personalized and effective manner. This is a massive shift from the previous non-personalized marketing methods. Conversational commerce is completely going to transform the way businesses and customers interact with each other.

Following examples demonstrate effective usage of conversational commerce.

-Connect with customers through automated messengers.

-Notifying customers after they place their orders as well as after shipment of the orders.

-Thanking customers after the first order.

-Checking with customers if their order is delivered and asking for their feedback.

-Product recommendations based on customers’ past shopping history.

Conversational Commerce is not a new approach, but as customers are now becoming more and more involved in digital activities and messaging, it is presenting a great prospect for brands to provide more personalized customer journey, thereby targeting customer loyalty.

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