Covid-19 Vaccination: 5 interesting tech-based opinions

Covid-19 Vaccines – A technology-based perspective

We now have 20 vaccines for covid-19 in the third phase trials, out of which, seven have been approved for limited usage and three vaccines are ready for usage by the companies Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Oxford-AstraZeneca (in the U.K. only).

While a lot has been discussed about the possible medical effects of the vaccines, the apprehensions in the technology world regarding the vaccinations’ impact is being widely discussed.

We present the 5 interesting blogs that describe the technological perspective pertaining to the global vaccination distribution.

1. COVID-19 vaccine for employees

As COVID-19 vaccination has started in many countries, companies all over the world need to make important decisions about vaccination policies for their employees. As per Gartner’s poll, most leaders would encourage but not enforce vaccinations. The top priority for most organizations during this pandemic is the well-being and efficiency of employees. Read about the main strategic questions to ask while planning organizational vaccine strategy.

2. Strong tech partnerships

Microsoft is emphasizing technology partnerships for deploying vaccine management solutions with registration capabilities for various stakeholders. Vaccine management solutions will be essential for patients, healthcare providers, scheduling, and analytics. Microsoft’s offerings will be helping public administration and healthcare providers in vaccine distribution in an efficient and safe manner.

3. Using Blockchain for COVID-19 vaccine supply chain

With the global demand for COVID-19 vaccines, the primary challenge remains the efficient distribution, ensuring that the vaccines are available for each person on the planet. Such a mammoth task will require a digital revolution with equitable utilization of the available technical resources. As per the world economic forum, Blockchain can be an ideal infrastructure for the supply chain of the vaccines for two reasons – It is not owned by anyone thus ensuring standardized, unbiased protocol and it is an immutable source of information.

4. AI for monitoring potential vaccine side-effects

Usage of AI for clinical decision-making is accelerated during the pandemic. The British government is planning to use AI to spot any side-effects during the vaccination drive for a population of 68 million British people.

5. Lessons learned in the data-driven decision-making during the pandemic

In the fight against Covid -19, data is been a vital element – be it in the beginning to understand the disease patterns or to develop vaccines. This HBR article uncovers gaps in utilizing data as a decision-making tool and emphasizes a need for a human-centric approach to technology.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, however, it presents important viewpoints with regards to the technological aspects of the Covid-19 vaccination. Do you wish to add more to the above list? Write your suggestion in the comments.

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