Eugenie Announces membership with Greentown Labs, Houston

Greentown Labs is a community of climate tech enthusiasts working to design a more sustainable world. As a pioneer of Sustainable AI, Eugenie has been relentlessly working towards enabling industrial organizations in achieving sustainable operations. Eugenie not only helps companies create a massive impact through its AI-powered solutions but also ensures reduced industrial emissions by improving the reliability and efficiency of their systems and processes.
Eugenie’s vision involves solving complex business problems through AI, Engineering, and design to achieve a healthy balance of economic growth along with environmental sustainability.

A new era of Sustainable AI

Meet Greentown Labs -A climate tech pioneer working to design a more sustainable world, which perfectly resonates with Eugenie’s vision of attaining a sustainable future through the power of industrial technology.
“We believe that the Greentown Eugenie alliance will help us advance towards our vision of creating a world with sustainable systems and processes,” said Dr. Soudip Roy Chowdhury, CEO of Eugenie.
With a shared vision of sustainable word, Eugenie and Greentown labs will continue to act as changemakers to solve the looming issue of the climate crisis.