Eugenie: Celebrating 2 Years of Success

Celebrating 2 years of Eugenie!

Victory comes from finding opportunities in problems.”  -Sun Tzu

It was the year 2018 when we launched our product Eugenie and the entrepreneurial journey had begun. The idea of Eugenie was incepted from a strong intent to help businesses who were struggling with high-volume data processing. Most organizations still face difficulties with technology adoption and data-to-decision workflows. From the beginning, Eugenie struck a chord with our customers as a result of its AI-powered capabilities, ease of use, high performance, and flexibility of implementation.

Eugenie is the result of Fractal’s strong entrepreneurial and collaborative culture. Fractal, an industry leader in the area of analytics have firmly established a vision of empowering every human decision with the power of artificial intelligence, engineering, and design. Eugenie is an evident manifestation of Fractal’s vision with its robust technical capabilities and human-centered design.

In hindsight, we have come a long way, with relentlessly working towards creating a great product and achieving several milestones during the path.

As in the case of most start-ups, the journey has been quite grueling and audacious. However, what worked for us was an exceptionally dedicated team, stakeholders, partners, and our valuable customers. It was due to their unshakable faith and constant support; Eugenie has reached this milestone.

Along the way, we have built a lot of great relationships, done some great work and we continue to look forward to strengthening collaborations.

We present a glimpse of our journey, in the span of the last 2 years.

How did we start?

A handful of passionate people comprising of data scientists, developers, and a visionary leader Mr. Soudip Roy Chowdhury dreamed of creating a disruptive, out of the box product. Immediately after launching Eugenie formally, we got the opportunity to serve one of the top global fortune 100 companies as our first customer. The pilot project was a remarkable success and we strongly set a foothold in the business and AI fraternity.

The beginning: Product Evolution, Customer Acquisition, Team Building

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. – Helen Keller

Any company’s true strength is its employees and a company’s growth depend on the genuine commitment and perseverance of its people. Eugenie’s team is made of remarkably passionate and enthusiastic individuals who contribute greatly to serving our customers with 100{4f8b3ed9fef9ea84dcab9ecab3909d1faac4098bcd4a30a2275db8b2fbfea39e} dedication. The Team Eugenie is not centered around an individual, but each member has the liberty to contribute creatively with a mission to create a world-class product. Eugenie’s team includes super-talented data scientists, coders, managers, and domain experts.

During the initial years, Eugenie contributed immensely to customers from domains such as CPG, BFSI, Telecom, and E-commerce. Our customers benefitted greatly from Eugenie’s powerful AI capabilities and a unique framework of Spot, Explore, Exploit which helped customers make crucial, data-based decisions.

Path to Sustainable Operational Excellence and Growth

With the proven success of Eugenie’s AI capabilities, Eugenie was on the path of technically evolving to apply to industrial domains as well such as Oil and Gas, manufacturing, mining, etc. Eugenie’s architecture was scaled to accommodate high-volume, real-time data processing to achieve sustainable operational excellence.  Eugenie utilizes the framework of Connect, Track, and Diagnose to achieve operational reliability through the robust and flexible architecture.

Our vision involves achieving operational sustainability by transforming people, process and assets in every enterprise to become more efficient using AI, engineering, and design. As a technology company, our core intent is to make artificial intelligence the invisible force for building a better world with sustainable systems and processes.

We have successfully collaborated with Microsoft to become a Gold Partner on the Azure Platform. Our other partners include Oracle, Intel, and Qualcomm.

We have been lucky to serve a few esteemed Indian organizations like Indian Navy, HPCL as our customers.

Recognitions and Rewards
Winning the Forbes and Microsoft AI Award

In the last week of February 2020, the news broke that Eugenie was bestowed with an AI excellence award for its valuable contribution in different projects. The proud moment was a happy reward of acknowledgment of making a valuable contribution.

Featured in 10 most recommended analytics Start-ups

In March 2020, Eugenie was recognized in the 10 most recommended analytics Start-ups by the publication CIO insider.

We were also featured in other publications such as Siliconangle, Indiaai, etc.

Going Forward

Till now, we have had the opportunity to serve customers across major geographies like the United States, India, and Australia. We look forward to growing globally with diverse domains and customers.

Our customers are the most valuable asset for us, and we continue to strive towards customer satisfaction through continuous improvements. We promise our current as well as prospective customers to bring loads of innovation and provide high product quality to achieve the best in class operational excellence.

A big thank you to our customers, partners, and stakeholders for consistently motivating us in striving for excellence. Eugenie is and will be both; a state-of-the-art and a top-notch technology product.

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