Eugenie Partners with OSIsoft to enable AI-led industrialreliability and sustainability

Eugenie’s is AI-driven solutions have been helping many organizations in improving the operational reliability of assets and processes with data-driven insights. As a pioneer in Sustainable AI, Eugenie not only solves theproblem of unscheduled downtimes but also enables industrial organizations in reducing their carbon footprints by achieving optimal asset performance.

Eugenie began its journey of Industrial AI in 2018 by effectively solving the problem of unscheduled downtimes and achieving optimal asset performance with its patented product suit. With customers spawning across multiple industrial domains such as oil & gas, manufacturing, mining, Eugenie has created an impact of billions of dollars across various geographies.

An innovative approach of end-to-end IT/OT integration

Eugenie’s two patented products – Ray-Finn and Papillon ingest petabytes of high-velocity, multi-variate data from machine-connected sensors and SCADA systems. The product Papillon processes this data with AI algorithms to predict machine performance anomalies, failures, and remaining useful life. Because of its ability to predict the failures and performance anomalies with unparalleled accuracy, Eugenie’s many customers have successfully reduced dependencies on backups and redundancies.

With the PI system, Eugenie intends to manage massive amounts of operational data on a common platform by automating data collections and calculations. The operational data will be processed by Eugenie’s human-centric framework, which can impact greatly improving asset availability and enhancing the safety of industrial plants – in turn reducingthe CHG emissions.