Eugenie wins Vedanta Spark’s Asset Optimization & Predictive Maintenance challenge

Eugenie is now among 6 winning start-ups selected under the challenge “Asset Optimization & Predictive Maintenance” conducted by Vedanta Spark and Forge. The selection was done from more than 30 applications by highly rigorous and multiple rounds of evaluations, screening, and pitches.

Vedanta, a leading mining major had invited applications for the “Digital Core” – technological innovation challenges with multiple themes – one of which was Asset Optimization & Predictive maintenance for Jumbo Reliability Improvement.

 The business problem statement included surprise breakdowns in development jumbo during drilling and scaling operations. The breakdowns are caused by both – operational and OEM failures. In a nutshell, the damages resulted in major downtimes and reduced availability and caused major glitches for the end users – Jumbo Operators, Maintenance Crew, and Mining Team.

The challenge required solutions that can monitor availability loss, breakdowns, and damages. Also, notifications and report generation were included in the solutions.

Competitive Advantages of Eugenie

The competition witnessed a lot of innovative and strong solutions, however the following unique features of our solutions were found promising to solve the challenge.

Sustainable Operational excellence: Eugenie tracks the performance of IoT-connected assets in real-time to identify when assets might fail in the future, given the unique conditions in which they’re being operated.

Explainable AI: Eugenie enables asset owners and managers to transition from time-based to need-based maintenance, avoiding both under and over-maintenance while keeping operations running smoothly. By keeping assets running smoothly, the risk of excess emissions is also eliminated. Eugenie leverages its patented Explainable AI framework (including supervised/unsupervised ML and physics-based model combination) to achieve this transition.

Traceability: Eugenie industrial companies trace their emissions back to their operational process, providing them predictive and prescriptive advisory on their process control, using our proprietary AI platform.

Integrated KPI Tracking: Eugenie’s innovative algorithms can monitor asset health and process KPI predictions along with Emission measurement.

AI Maturity: Eugenie offers Explainable AI with physics-based modeling with a provision of augmenting traditional with alternate data such as historic asset data as well as satellite imagery.

Way Forward

Eugenie brings the right mix of talent from the best-in-class AI scientists and data engineers, manufacturing consultants, and developers together. This team has built path-breaking enterprise software for organizations like Walmart, Amazon, Nutanix, and others. Their agility, work ethos, and technical competency will usher in a new wave of innovation for Vedanta.

With Eugenie’s Products, Vedanta is expected to achieve better utilization of their Jumbo units due to the increased availability and longer MTBF. This would also mean a substantial reduction in the maintenance cost. With the highly scalable and accurate predictive analytics suite, the results can be replicated for various other critical equipment across multiple industry segments that Vedanta operates in, to solve more complex problems like reduction of carbon emissions and process optimization.

To know more about Eugenie’s products, schedule a product demo with us. Alternatively, you can write to us at 


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