Eugenie’s NYC Climate Week Experience: 4 Powerful Takeaways

NYC Climate Week Collage

NYC Climate Week 2022 is the biggest global climate event on the planet, which brings the most influential leaders from government, business, and climate communities along with the United Nations General Assembly and the City of New York. Thousands of environment warriors h participated in the event from academia, industry, finance, and private equity to startups. Eugenie was honored to be invited to the event as a significant player in the sustainability technology space.

Read on for the top four takeaways from our experience, which will give you a sneak peek into the current climate developments.

Speakers at the Leaders on Purpose 5th Annual CEO Summit alongside UNGA77 and Climate Week NYC

1.Having a bias for action for the climate is a dire need.

We’ve moved beyond the 2015 global climate pledge of the Paris agreement. Climate action is the focus now, which was evident with a lot of entrepreneurs and climate warriors who are building innovative climate tech solutions, at the NYC Climate Week kick-off meeting. At the explorer club, Dr. Soudip Roy Chowdhury, CEO of met with renowned climate journalists to discuss the prime focus – reporting rather than only showing problems.

Technology on Purpose at NYC Climate Week 2022

2.Climate finance and political will can work as catalysts for the sustainability-driven transformation process.

Nature has the elasticity and flexibility to bear extreme changes. But if we remove the distorting influence, nature would come back to its original state. Emissions and wastages are those distorting forces, requiring major support in terms of political will. The event showcased a few notable start-ups, building innovative solutions around food safety and food security.

3.There is no silver bullet to solve the climate problem.

The event witnessed several climate activists who expressed the nuances of their challenges and work. There is no silver bullet to solve the climate problem, however, we need to build a solution eco-system to tackle the climate and other sustainability-related issues.

4.Scarcity is nothing but abundance sans trust.

Dr. Roy Chowdhury participated as a panelist at the 5th Annual Leaders on Purpose CEO Summit at Javits Center, NYC. The topic of the panel was “Technology on Purpose: Trust, Transparency, Resilience, Scale Return on Value & Impact”. It was evident from the panel discussion that often, the missing link is trust – even in climate actions. User orientation and empathy for users and the ecosystem are often the answer to building purpose-first solutions. We are proud to be part of the human-centric organization

In a nutshell, we as a community need to learn how to be more resourceful and innovative (with technology such as efficiency optimization and CCUS) to combat the climate threat. The good news is – climate awareness is leading to massive development across various countries. Emerging economic continents like Africa and countries like Colombia are investing in massive digital and physical infrastructures. The next level of social and human development would occur at the backbone of this emerging infrastructure.

NYC Climate Week, UNGA77, and other related events were a truly enriching experience for Eugenie and we look forward to similar events and relevant collaborations.’s vision is to work towards a world where industrial and economic growth coexists with environmental sustainability. We help customers to create billion-dollar impacts on their businesses by improving the reliability and efficiency of their systems and processes – without compromising on sustainable development goals.

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