What is it

Eugenie’s state-of-the-art framework of Spot, Explore, Exploit helps industrial companies to digitally transform their existing operations to become more transparent and agile using AI and IoT. Our root cause analysis and what-if scenario simulations enable improved transparency and authenticity of the AI-driven insights. Eugenie’s alerts and predictive notifications help massively in optimizing costs.

Why does it matter

Human reasoning is not always rational due to the inherent cognitive bias. The high-volume and complex data generated by industrial enterprises require extensive analysis to get actionable insights. Limitations of the manual analytics processes lead to the possibility of errors and missed opportunities. Eugenie’s advanced machine learning technology solves this problem with a human-centric approach to ensure trust and efficiency.

At Eugenie


Detect anomalies from the high-volume industrial data


Know what caused the deviations, based on statistical evidence


Get optimal know-how through simulations