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Enable smart mining operations with reduced emissions

Eugenie keeps your mining operations safe and sustainable with end-to-end decision support in the most tumultuous environments.



Eugenie helps mining companies predict equipment wear and tear through remote monitoring and predictive insights. Its digital twins analyze operational data in real-time, enabling timely maintenance procedures to mitigate breakdowns. Eugenie has achieved increased operational reliability for large mining organizations, reducing production wastage and improving quality management.

Process Optimization

With Eugenie, mining companies can predict the wear and tear of highly costly mining assets through remote monitoring and predictive insights. Eugenie’s digital twins can analyze the diverse operational data of machines to discover the root cause of probable downtime. For example - real time monitoring of all equipment in the gas cleaning plant cooling system, BLT, Tuyere, and cast house of the blast furnace.

Reduce material losses

Eugenie's digital twins enable operators to monitor and maintain equipment for mitigating breakdowns. Sensor data such as speed, temperature, and vibrations are analyzed by Eugenie's algorithms in real-time to allow operations staff for performing timely maintenance procedures. For example - Planned replacement of anomalous Tuyeres during shutdown​.

Reduced machine failures

Asset breakdowns in the mining industry result in huge losses and high maintenance costs. Eugenie has helped some of the largest global mining organizations in achieving increased operational reliability. Eugenie's smart algorithms enable process simulations to reduce production wastage, and improve quality management and reconciliation.

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Eugenie reduced production downtimes for a Mexican mining major with AI-driven root cause analysis

The company is a leading producer of precious metals such as silver and gold with three gold and silver mines across Mexico.



Eugenie was designed for quick easy adoption to deliver real world results within weeks rather than months. But we would rather our clients tell you more.

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Fugitive Emissions Reduction

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Production Wastage Reduction

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Increase in Asset Reliability

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