Reduction in maintenance costs


Increase in asset efficiency


Reduction in data-to-decision time

Improved Exploration

Locating mineral deposits such as gold with the traditional methods usually requires arduous processes with a low probability of success. AI-enabled solutions like Eugenie provides advanced analytics capabilities by combining geological models with exploratory data. Eugenie’s machine learning algorithms provide actionable insights, that can lead to optimizing exploration efforts, resulting in a reduction of operational costs and improved ROI.

Risk mitigation through Digital Twins

With the digital twins of the exploration terrain and the operational equipment, exposure of the frontline staff of mineworkers can be greatly reduced, leading to lower exposure to dangerous situations. Seismic survey data can be effective in creating relevant data sets for the digital twins.

Autonomous tracking

Continuously monitoring worker behaviors and vehicle tracking through real-time data for autonomous insights is possible with AI. Eugenie’s robust solutions provide simulation capabilities to optimize safety and security processes.