Reduction in maintenance costs


Increase in assetreliability


Reduction in data-to-decision time

Predictive Maintenance

Eugenie’s robust algorithms scan through vast amounts of data coming from a source such as IoT sensors, SCADA, or other data sources to identify inefficiencies in equipment, before scheduled inspections. Get diagnostic and automated insights for oil and gas operational glitches. Save maintenance costs and reduce carbon footprint by Eugenie’s AI-driven, accurate alerts.

Oil and Gas

Predictive Quality

Eugenie’s digital platform provides real-time data processing, predictive alerts, and prescriptive insights to enable better and faster decision-making. With Eugenie’s decision intelligence framework, better operational decisions result in improved product quality.

Waste Reduction

Eugenie’s AI-workbench enables minimizing production wastage through continuous monitoring of wastage-prone processes of the oil and gas domain. Eugenie’s digital ecosystem also shares real-time insights about the plants and pieces of equipment by effective anomaly detection.