Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Machine Data?

Predictive maintenance: Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Machine Data?

As companies, leaders, and thinkers, we continue to strive for operational excellence, but the question is – Are we managing our assets well enough for them to survive the long race?

Predictive maintenance: Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Machine Data?, Global predictive maintenance market size

The fourth Industry revolution or as we call it, Industry 4.0, is the era that mixes physical entities along with their digital twins. The concept of having a “digital twin” for your machines has been evolving rapidly since 2016. Initially started with simply monitoring your machines, to predicting failures and downtimes using AI techniques. The domain of Predictive maintenance alone encompasses USD 3.2B of the market size and is projected to double by the end of 2022.

The exponential growth in artificial intelligence, sustainable technology, surge for maximizing profits, and the power to automate processes makes it a highly competitive industry. As an operations manager, one is under constant pressure to devise a more promising and efficient output despite unfavorable conditions – be it scarcity in raw materials or an uncertain downtime. Managing an entire shop floor physically, training your staff, hunting for experienced professionals, maintaining safety precautions consumes a lot of time and still does not guarantee you your preferred output. Most manufacturing companies completely focus on their physical assets, neglecting a huge asset that comes along as a bi-product that is “Data”. Unfortunately, most companies fail to optimize their data.

Why is my Machine Data important?

The machines present on your shop floor generate a voluminous amount of data, which comes in varied formats from multiple sources. However, a lot of process industries tend to ignore this pinnacle of potential intelligence.

Your data has the ability and power to enhance your operations at an enormous scale. Every bit of this data speaks for your machine thereby, holding an important value for the asset. Data and its application range from analyzing your machine health to predicting possible downtimes and failures.

We at Eugenie understand your operations, recognize your data patterns, provide you with the most optimum solution and insights for enriching your operations. Given your machine data and our unique SaaS applications, we bring out the core essence of your machines without any risk to your confidential data and assets.

How will I assemble loads of data?

Now that you understand why your data is so important, try to imagine all your machines present on your shop floor various sources of data. For example, you have 100 pumps working all day for 365 days, and each pump produces roughly 1000 units of data per minute, that is a lot of data to think about!

The above example included only pumps but in real-time, there could be more than one type of machine. This is the reason why one needs a data robust solution. When you have several formats and amounts of data, you have to assemble it well with a thoughtfully designed data pipeline architecture. This is where, we as data architects, step in to collect and integrate your data into our standard meta-data format. Ranging from IoT to SCADA, we provide you the ability to connect and handle data at a high volume.

Eugenie does not try to transition or change your pre-existing systems but believes in augmenting intelligence to your assets. We talk the language you like to hear.

Not enough data does not mean you cannot plugin our solutions!

We understand that every industry has a different set of requirements and problems to tackle. No machine is alike, and on similar lines, no two machine data can be compared. Sometimes, during the initial stages, we come across multiple clients not having enough amounts of machine data. Though a major problem for generic Machine Learning models, this is not an issue with Eugenie’s models. Our models are designed using GAN technology. GAN (Generative Adversarial Networks) is used to predict when a machine/specific part fails. Despite the scarcity of failure data, the model can predict future failure points in the system even in normal working conditions.

What is Predictive Maintenance, and do I really need it?

Machines are not always perfect. They break as well due to many external and internal factors (For example, Asset vibrations, environmental conditions, etc). Predictive maintenance is a large umbrella within which resides several concepts of anomaly detection, prescriptive analytics, root-cause analysis, and Digital twin modeling. These concepts are built on keeping Artificial intelligence at its core. Now, the question stands if it’s needed?

Absolutely YES.

Simply generating and storing data will lead you nowhere but understanding what information and value it holds are what we need. With the help of these concepts one can understand their machine behavior, data patterns, prevent uncertain downtime, and predict the lifespan for a certain asset. These features culminate in the formation of a smart, human, and machine-friendly environment rather than the traditional manual approaches. Eugenie’s end-to-end SaaS solution is built for predictive maintenance after deeply understanding what industrial users need.

With a great position comes even greater responsibility.

After providing you the best possible solution by efficiently managing machine data, there comes a bigger question, which is quite common – Is my data safe, and is the solution secure enough to rely on?

We support a multi-tenant architecture given the scope of Industries and various domains we tackle. With such an architecture, Security is the foremost aspect to consider before any deployment. Data is the backbone for all functionalities and its security is our priority. We ensure a flexible deployment process, be it on-cloud, private (client) servers, or our local servers. Your performance, security, economic and technical viability are the vital parameters considered for the successful deployment of a solution. Currently, we provide on-cloud deployment on Microsoft Azure and are planning to be a more cloud-agnostic company in the future.

We at Eugenie are committed to data as well as strong network security. We ensure that your data is end-to-end encrypted while it communicates with various systems. During transit and at rest. We are GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant and make sure that there is no manual intervention of any kind, once a solution is integrated. You as a company have complete autonomy to decide who is an authorized user and who is not. As network security goes, all our solutions are deployed over a virtual private network (VPN), this helps you enhance security, improve performance, bypass blockers and remotely access your system. All your internal microservices, APIs are only accessible and limited to authorized personnel only. To top it off, all our websites are SSL certified.

We leverage managed services in the cloud which not only comes with the existing security features for you but also adequate firewalls and defenders which are live on all systems and sub-systems. This helps you defend yourself from any possible vulnerability or attacks (DDOS, malware, etc.). All solutions we deploy are compliant with the ISO 27001 regulatory policies, and for that reason, companies wish to rely on us. Trust is the foundation for any successful transformation, and at Eugenie, we understand that your security is the first step towards it.

So, what’s next?

In conclusion, we can say that given the pace at which new technology and companies are crawling into this space, your data and the way you use it to decipher your machine behavior will decide your future. If used effectively with the right technology, it can empower, create massive impact and help you take a huge leap over your fellow competitors within the Industry.  Besides upscaling your business and embedding the power of AI into your machines, you are also taking a step towards a more sustainable technology as we are committed to helping industrial companies to reduce their carbon footprints. Read our Sustainability Series to find out how we are leveraging AI to create a sustainable future.

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