Senior Data Scientist

Eugenie is on a mission to make operations more reliable by transforming people, processes, and assets in every enterprise to become more efficient using AI, engineering, and design.
Ensuring reliable operations requires handling of large streams of data and drawing actionable conclusions from it – a task that can’t be done by humans but is difficult to scale. Eugenie uses the power of machine learning or AI, big data to analyze and diagnose any issues and early warnings in the operations and determine the root-cause for operation teams to act on them on time.
Eugenie is now looking for a senior data scientist for its AI products and platforms. An experienced, motivated person with the ability to manage all aspects of the ML model lifecycle (conceptualization, experimentation, ML pipeline building, continuous learning with a feedback loop, and others) independently as well as in close collaboration with key internal stakeholders (with other members in the engineering and product teams). S/he should be willing not only to build models but also be able to scale such models at a petabyte-scale and then productionizing such models to be operational for solving complex problems across industries.


  • Innovate techniques in Predictive Analytics and Anomaly detection.
  • Evaluate different algorithms for different problems and then build a machine learning or deep learning models based on the problem to be solved
  • Evaluate different algorithms for different problems and then build a machine learning or deep learning models based on the problem to be solved
  • Manage and own the entire end-to-end life cycle of designing models, working with engineering for implementation, maintenance, and enforcement, and test and validate these insights via rapid experimentation and deployment
  • Data Analysis to identify gaps in the system and potential solutions to overcome those.
  • Work closely with Product Management and Data Engineering as a team
  • Be able to represent Eugenie at international forums and conferences and be able to generate world-class research and development artifacts in terms of papers, journals, and demo.
  • Be active in the data science community to evangelize the impact we are creating by using technology. S/he should be able to disseminate our tech ability by authoring patents, writing blogs, and delivering keynotes at reputed venues and conferences.
  • MS/PhD in Computer science or relevant fields
  • Machine learning (Classification/regression models, generative models, reinforcement learning, deep learning, statistical learning theory, mathematical optimization etc.)
  • 4+ years of professional experience at Research company or organisation
  • Professional experience of the following languages, software, tools:
  • Python (with familiarity with ML and data engineering libraries such as scikit-learn, pandas, TensorFlow, PyTorch, etc.) (3+ years)
  • Knowledge of Go and Scala (optional but preferred)/
  • Past working experience in an international environment (optional but preferred)
  • Publication records in top-tier conferences
  • Patents in Data science and ML areas (optional but preferred)
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