Reduction in maintenance costs


Increase in asset efficiency


Reduction in data-to-decision time

Network predictive maintenance

Eugenie can perform pattern-based detection of issues in your network such as faults, service breaches, noise in real-time to diagnose the root cause of anomalies and suggest corrective actions. Get better operational efficiency with a lesser human effort, thereby saving considerable costs.

Effective promotion analytics

Identify key demographic factors affecting the consumption such as the number of users, and real-time usage patterns with Eugenie’s robust solution. Get the ideal price and offers for each of your customers. Identify targeted up-sell and cross-sell options with Eugenie’s AI-driven models.

Prevent frauds and identify churns

Eugenie’s machine learning-powered solution has proven efficiency in scrutinizing massive amounts of data to determine patterns of traffic and spot anomalies that may constitute to frauds. Also, get alerts for the customer churn risks with Eugenie’s forecasting capabilities.