We are delighted to announce that Eugenie is identified in the category of Anomaly Detection as a featured vendor in the Forrester Tech Tide™: Customer Insights Methods, Q2 2021 report. Anomaly detection is increasingly applied to critical datasets of varied domains such as asset performance, fraud detection, and operational reliability use cases. Anomaly detection offers CX leaders an effective alternative to error-prone and manual monitoring for discovering vital insights. Download the report.

Eugenie’s machine learning-based algorithmic solution empowers decision-makers with descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics through robust decision intelligence frameworks. The AI-driven algorithmic suite of Eugenie empowers CXOs to tackle complex problems of data-to-decision with its Explainable AI framework. The root-cause analysis of Eugenie’s Explainable AI enables users to understand the core drivers of the anomalies identified by our patented solutions.

While the applications of Explainable AI-based anomaly detection are plenty, discovering the “unknown unknowns” from large data sets can unlock critical insights.

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