Top 3 reasons your business must use a real-time anomaly detection solution

Combating data surge with anomaly detection

Anomaly detection is a crucial area of consideration for most companies as it is directly related to losses and risks. Most businesses usually have large data sets which are impossible to monitor and interpret manually. Due to the sudden surge of data in the last few years, most organizations constantly strive to establish effective systems to convert this data into insights.

Businesses need to respond to ever-increasing customer demands with ease and speed. Speedy responses are utmost important for security threats where immediate action is required to prevent loss of operations.

Efficient data monitoring

Traditional methods of data analysis involve static dashboards and manual processes which lead to the requirement of a huge amount of human efforts and time. These solutions are error-prone and lack the efficiency required to tackle the exponential data generated at an enterprise level.

Analyzing the large datasets generated by most organizations is a humanly impossible task, irrespective of the expertise and experience of the professionals. Most employees cannot decipher the humongous data in a second. Whereas, a machine learning solution can. You can learn about any deviation in data patterns instantaneously with an anomaly detection tool.

Real-time, automated actionable insights

Today’s businesses require flawless operations and constant scalability to meet growing business demands. An Artificial intelligence-based solution like Eugenie is the answer to bridge this gap of performance monitoring and actionable insights. Machine learning solutions can not only detect breaches in data patterns but can also become smart, over time. A machine learning system can learn through examples which leads to more accuracy with continuous usage.

Effective enterprise decision-making

Insights generated by an anomaly detection system can help enterprises to build predictive models to optimize resources, mitigate risks, and prevent losses. The widespread popularity of anomaly detection tools is due to the upward trajectory of the enterprise data. Machine learning-empowered tool like Eugenie can also forecast business metrics for effective planning and optimization of business resources.

Making better and accurate decisions equipped with data-backed inputs is the most effective way of confronting the growing challenges of seamless customer experience. Enterprises are increasingly embracing anomaly detection solutions to make decision-making smarter and judicious.

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