We work towards building a world where industrial and economic growth coexists with environmental sustainability. We help our customers to create a billion-dollar impact on their business by improving the reliability and efficiency of their systems and processes while not compromising on the sustainable development goals. We bring a unique combination of AI, Engineering, and design to bring technology and people close to each other to solve complex business problems that impact lives and livelihoods.

Our Values

Responsible AI

We make AI human-centric and Explainable to establish trust and transparency. Our products embody clarity to transform complex technical and business problems into trustworthy solutions.


Disrupt and Excel is what we believe in. We strive non-stop for discovering innovative approaches of problem-solving and learning.

Exist to Empower

The very core of our existence is in empowering those who put their faith in us. We convert cumbersome complexities into accessible insights. Eugenie is built to scale and expand for ensuring ground-breaking impact.

We are dedicated group of data artist who bealive in excellence and ownership

Soudip R Chowdhury


Sangam Chaturvedi

Customer Success

Ankit Bhardwaj


Vaibhavi Joshi


Shalini Chaturvedi


Gayatri Moopanar


Hemant Chhabra

Product Designer

Indraneel Tembhre

Product Head

Ramya Bandaru

Customer Success

Sumit Awinash


Nitish Pant

Data Scientist

Shivam Bharadwaj

Data Scientist

Kartik Tanwar


Rishabh Sharma


Atharva Sabnis

Growth Head

Ananthu Nair


Abhishek Raj

Customer Success

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