Corporative Collaboration

We have built Eugenie as an inclusive system of technology, high efficiency, and trust.

Explainable AI

Eugenie’s the unique framework of Spot-Explore-ExploitTM is designed on the fundamentals of explainable AI. In Eugenie, we are on a path to build a trust-worthy the co-operative system between humans (decision-makers) and algorithms (agents) with transparency, traceability, explainability of insights.

Scalable Engineering

Eugenie uses three genres (unsupervised, supervised, and semi-supervised) of AI algorithms for curating insights from both stream and batch data. Our patented AI algorithms are designed to detect both unknown-unknows and known-unknows anomalies from high-volume and high-velocity data with very little or no supervision.

Human-AI cooperative system

We consider technology as an ally to augment human capability and efficiency, especially around complex decision making. Eugenie aspires to democratize the data-to-decision process in organizations by making AI intuitive and accessible to everyone. Eugenie helps humans to detect anomalies that are hard to identify using traditional BI or statistical approaches. It learns from the user’s feedback the utility and relevance of its insights and continuously improve its algorithms’ efficacy.

End-to-end solution

Eugenie provides an end-to-end platform that helps to connect processes and assets digitally so that businesses can track them accurately in real-time. Eugenie’s diagnostic framework automatically detects anomalies in the data and suggests the next steps as remediation. Further, Eugenie enables the execution of the corrective actions via integrating the insights with other ERP and down-stream enterprise execution systems.

Decision Intelligence Framework


Detect anomalies from the high-volume industrial data


Know what caused the deviations, based on statistical evidence


Get optimal know-how through simulations