Proven economic & environmental impact


Reduction in maintenance costs


Increase in asset reliability


Data-to-decision time reduced

Explainable AI

Convergenceof IT/OT

Plug-n-play solution

Prescriptive analytics

Forward deployment in hours not weeks


AI-powered robust workbench, best suited for voluminous, time-series data.

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Operational intelligence and diagnostic platform, tailor-made for industrial domains.

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Enabling heavy industries to achieve operational sustainability


We are recognized globally

Our partners trust us

What our clients are saying

“Eugenie is an important ally in our analytics/AI driven transformation. It helped us to address early warning signals in our business that made us competition ready. Eugenie has shown a new way of thinking with data by mining knowledge from the data.”

Director, Information Technology A fortune 100 company

We reduce the carbon footprint of machines and processes with augmented asset reliability and process optimization

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